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 BREXIT of 2016(what is means to owning and living in Bulgaria?)

The first important point to note is that at the moment nothing has actually changed. The UK is still part of the EU, British people are still EU citizens and it is likely to be a minimum of 2 years before any of this changes. Second, both the Bulgarian President and the Bulgarian Prime Minister have already made it clear Bulgaria welcomes British people (and others) and if you can meet the requirements, then there will be no problem gaining residency and citizenship.

European Union membership from 01.01.2007 makes investment more attractive and secure.

Bulgaria, Varna, Black sea coast properties For Sale By Owner(FSBO)   

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BulCheapLand forecast for 2017
Perhaps for the first time since the beginning of the crisis we enter the new year with certainly optimistic expectations.
Our forecast for 2017 is for the recovery of the property market to continue, which will result in a further increase in the
sales of residential and holiday properties. Many buyers who have been putting off buying a property for several years will return to the market and good deals will be concluded in 2017. This process will be stimulated by better conditions on mortgage loans and bank policies that will offer the buyers an easy access to financing.
The market will continue to be driven by Bulgarian and Russian buyers and we expect them to be joined by buyers from other countries, which gives signs of growing interest in buying a property in Bulgaria. We do not expect any significant change in property prices.
Our forecast is that the prices will keep stability and will show unequivocally that the price falls are in the past, which will give confidence to all clients who so far still have doubts that the bottom has been reached and that the property market is entering a new stage of it's development.

All property is freehold, you are buying the house with private land directly from the owners and there is no agent’s commission involved! Bulgaria,real estate for sale,re-sale bargain properties,rural country houses,bargain bulgarian properties

BULGARIA, cheap properties for sale by owner; REDUCED PRICES with 51% till the end of year 2017

Country Houses For Sale in European Union-Eastern Europe

Bulgaria, Varna(seaside) cheap property under 4,000 EUR direct sales from owner

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Member States of the EU

Year of EU entry: 2007
Political system: Republic
Total area: 111 910 sq.km
Population: 7.6 million
Capital city: Sofia
Currency: lev
Official EU language: bulgarian
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